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From the Director’s Notebook: Mumbai, India

I’ve only spent a day in India, but I get the feeling one could spend a lifetime unraveling its mysteries. Mumbai is thick – with smells, with sounds, with people, with life – hot and sticky like Miami where I grew up. Indian food rocks like no other, culinary pointillism. On an afternoon outing with our friend Raj and our D.P. Daniel, we saw giant bats in a mango tree, so big I described them as ‘Batman bats.’ How American is that? I also found an awesome looking boho cafe with pink walls, bare bulbs and exposed wiring – East Village Bombay style. It’s perfect for after show comedy roundtable. There’s something so poetic about the decaying colonial architecture, a faint and fading echo. I want to see a Bollywood movie in this old movie house near the hotel. There are no subtitles, and there’s a big ferocious ass tiger on the poster. I asked Raj what it was about and he said, “It’s a comedy thriller, with music and dancing.” I could not be any more THERE.

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