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Meet Aditi Mittal!

The first time I spoke with Aditi Mittal was on one of many video early morning Skype calls to come, and I changed out of my bathrobe in a hurry to look somewhat professional. I needn’t have worried. Aditi was instantly disarming, and I may have called her more times than necessary in the pre-production phase of Stand Up Planet – she always made me laugh. Aditi is a very funny comic (or comedian as they say in India), a solid fact proven by her credentials and her material. (Aditi recently had a one-woman show at the Comedy Store in Mumbai, she appears on CNN-IBN’s Phenking News with Cyrus Broacha, and is a regular on Jay Hind, India’s first online political satire show). Aditi is also fearless, wheeling out material in comedy clubs and at corporate gigs that may shock for it’s honesty but also entertains and in some instances probably educates. She is passionate about her work (she is also an actor), and about about speaking out for a better India. She appears to be changing some minds, one vaginal tightening cream joke at a time. Witness Aditi’s hilarity for yourself as she performs at Out of the Blue in Mumbai–she, like Tanmay, peppers her comedy with Hindi and English (English speakers–you’re going to want to be paying attention at :35):

To learn more about Aditi, visit her profile page. Follow Aditi on twitter.   Aditi Mittal, Tanmay Bhat and other Stand Up Planet comics will be appearing with host Hasan Minhaj at Out of the Blue in Powai, Mumbai on Thursday April 4 at 9pm.

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