Epic Journey

Mumbai, It’s a Wrap!

Time was the only thing in short supply during our stay in Mumbai. What wasn’t in short supply: talent, laughter, beauty, spirit, inspiration, determination, and comedy. Lots and lots of comedy. I could spend months writing about the eleven days we spent there shooting our upcoming TV show. It was an auroral stream of hilarious and meaningful moments: Hasan’s first stand up show in India … Govandi slum, some of the dirtiest streets and cleanest homes I’ve ever seen … cars that speak in horns … the anarchically hysterical Tanmay Bhat! (Hasan calls him the Indian Joker – “Some people just like to watch the world burn, Mr. Wayne”) … people who buy flowers to decorate outdoors … Cuckoo birds, real life characters from a tropical soundtrack … Aditi’s mother who production manages India’s longest running cop show, and is so badass she wears camouflage over her sari … the best mango – EVER … young, brave, gifted comedians, building a movement one show and one joke at a time … a mosquito that entered our van and caused a level of panic befitting a tiger … endlessly fascinating hours listening to these young comics talk process, style, cultural land mines and universal possibilities … a witness to comedic cross-pollination, synthesis, miscegenation … and ultimately, transcendence. Especially here, the most spiritual place I’ve known in all my life. The promise of our premise works. Comedy is a language that travels and a force for enlightenment. Next stop, South Africa!

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