Afrika Tikkun

Afrika Tikkun aims to empower communities to develop new generations of productive citizens. Afrika Tikkun is an international NGO that provides education, health and social services to children, youth and their families through Centres of Excellence in South African Townships. These facilities act as the hubs which positively affect the lives of underprivileged children and their families. The Orange Farm (Arekopaneng Child and Youth Development Centre) provides Early Childhood Development programmes and Youth Development programmes.

Q&A with Rita Mkwanazi

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is seeing a client coming to our centre to source out information, and then leave the centre feeling very empowered far more than they have budgeted, enforcing the element of positive change even before they can start with whatever tuition they may get helped in.

What’s the best life advice you’ve ever received?

The best life advice ever given to me is to NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!!! This I have heard often and I like it for the courage it gives me.

What’s your proudest professional achievement?

My proudest achievement was to represent Afrika Tikkun (AT) to the international world on three special occasions, telling the world what AT does to effect a positive change particularly to children who are very disadvantaged, causing them to see life differently by remembering that they are children, giving and affording them that precious space to make a difference in their lives.

Learn more about Afrika Tikkun at afrikatikkun.org

Rita Mkwanazi is the general manager for Arekopaneng Child and Youth Development Centre in Orange Farm, South Africa.

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