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“Comedy Is Raw”

“We poop in water cleaner than the water that some people drink.”

Let that statement sink in for a second. That’s a quip from 24-year-old Seattle comedian Yogi Paliwal from an article recently written for The Seattle Times highlighting the burgeoning comedy scene in the nation’s northwest corner.

The hype isn’t just about young comics rising to the stage. It’s about a group of these comics whose international roots have led them to push at issues of global inequality and pull from their own experiences as children of immigrant families to talk about the issues in a way that other comics aren’t.

Does that ring a bell? Like our comics, these young stars use comedy as a medium to speak the truth. And like Hasan’s motto that “you can tell a lot about people from the jokes they tell,” these comics’ jokes reveal a richness of perspectives that bridge multiple cultures and voices that aren’t afraid to target some pretty serious themes. As Aisha Farhoud, another comic interviewed in the article, puts it: “Television and a lot of performing arts are censored, but comedy is raw. As long as it’s funny, it will get people thinking about things they wouldn’t otherwise think about.”

So, are you thinking about it? Read more about the young Seattleites here.

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