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Poop Stories

From the time we’re about 6 years old, everyone loves a good poop joke, right? But is there something more meaningful lurking beneath the bathroom banter? Take a look at some international potty humor and then follow the jokes to a deeper understanding. Every laugh on this page reflects a life and death issue: the very real sanitation problems facing India today.

Aditi Mittal – A Thousand Gleaming Bums

How many full moons have you seen in your lifetime? And, just to get it straight, we’re talking about the bare bum, pants down kind of “full moon” here. In a country where 50 million people have no toilet to use, Indian comic Aditi Mittal gives us her two cents on the situation.

Hasan Minhaj – Going Number Two Winnie-the-Pooh Style

What does Winnie-the-Pooh have in common with Indian toilets? Get ready—it ain’t pretty. LA-based comic Hasan Minhaj gets real about what “going number two” means in some of the poorest places on earth.

Give Me a Toilet Any Day

What makes 24% of girls in India drop out of school every year? Would you believe it if we told you that it’s the lack of something as seemingly basic as a toilet? Expert Deval Sanghavi, partner and co-founder of Dasra, helps us understand how young women, in particular, are hurt by the lack of toilets.

OK Brothers

What’s the worst job in the world? Did a “sanitation engineer” in India cross your mind? Here’s a cartoon courtesy of Why Poverty? that will get you running for the air freshener. Two twin brothers, appointed shit shovelers of the Indian National Railway, play out your worst nightmares as they’re confronted with an avalanche of excrement and a fast approaching train.

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