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You Want To Do What With My Penis?!

Around the world, stand-up comics are talking about…the penis. Cutting it, covering it, cloaking it in flavor. Here you can follow the joke to a deeper truth—that what we do with our penis’ can actually save lives.

Mpho Popps – Up the Mountain

What’s the best excuse you ever heard for playing hooky from school? We’re pretty sure South African comic Mpho Popps’ cover-up can top it. Think “jagged blade” and “foreskin out,” and you’ll get a taste of how young guys ditch class in South Africa.

Tanmay Bhat – You Can’t Say This on Indian TV

What’s one word that’s censored on Indian television—but really shouldn’t be? Indian comic Tanmay Bhat uses the freedom of stand-up comedy to break a TV taboo.

Mpho Popps – What’s Your Fav Flavor?

These days, condoms come in many flavors. But what if the marketers have the flavors all wrong? Comic Mpho Popps riffs on the perfect condoms for his South Africans.

CLIP: a hilarious bit from Shout-It-Now’s “Let’s Get Circumcised!” PSA

CLIP: a hilarious bit from Shout-It-Now’s “Let’s Get Circumcised!” PSA with South African comic, Kagiso Lediga—in dual roles: playing himself and his penis.

What You Never Knew About Male Circumcision

What if you could reduce your risk of contracting HIV by more than 60%? Would you believe that one solution is something as quick and inexpensive as getting circumcised? Dr. Catherine Sozi, the UNAIDS Country Coordinator for South Africa, gives us the facts about how South African young men, in particular, can drastically increase their chances of staying HIV free.

Getting the Chop

In South Africa, a little snip of prevention can offer a lot of cure. SUP host Hasan Minhaj and South African comic Kagiso Lediga join a group of anxious young men at the CHAPS Bophelo Pele Male Circumcision Clinic in Orange Farm. Learning about the huge health benefits of circumcision, Kagiso even considers going under the knife himself. But will he really go through with it?!

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  1. odwa

    i love this, hasan, u brown man lol tnx for this i learned new things even about my country SA nd about India, im in-love wit Aditi

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