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Condoms: High Art?

Not many artists can claim that their work saves lives. Kenyan painter Michael Soi can now probably make that claim with a straight face, since he was selected by The Center for African Family Studies (CAFS) to lend his brush to a new line of “pop art condoms” that will be distributed to young Kenyans on the cheap (and on the sly). Walking up to a drug store counter with a box of condoms can be embarrassing for anyone, but in many countries like Kenya, it can be a matter of real social shame. Epidemic-level HIV infection plus heavy stigma around the purchase and use of contraceptives is a bad formula, and CAFS is hoping that packaging its condoms in a colorful-yet-discrete way, with no obvious labeling, will be both eye-catching and reassuring to sexually active young Kenyans who (according to CAFS) have primarily unprotected intercourse.

Check out the video below promoting the Indiegogo campaign CAFS is conducting to raise money for a full-scale product launch.




Also check out this clip of SUP comic Mpho “Popps” Modikoane talking about condom flavors in Africa:








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