Mission & Team

You can tell a lot about people by the jokes they tell.”
– Hasan Minhaj, Comic and Host of Stand Up Planet


Stand Up Planet is a documentary TV show, transmedia series and digital campaign that showcases life in some of the toughest places on Earth – in parts of India and South Africa – through the lens and experiences of stand-up comics. Is comedy the great connector?


At the center of Stand Up Planet is a U.S.-based host—Hasan Minhaj, a stand-up comic on a quest to find some of the best humor coming from corners of the developing world. Starting from his own personal story – Indian American kid to Hollywood comic – Hasan embarks on an epic journey of discovery to find some of the funniest stand-up comics in the most unlikely places: the bustling city of Mumbai, India, and the neighborhoods of Johannesburg, South Africa.  Along the way, Hasan follows the jokes and personal experiences of the funniest international comics deep into the hard truths and the promise for change in some of the toughest global poverty issues of our time. Along with a posse of comedian friends, Hasan invites comedians from India and South Africa to take part in the biggest night of their lives – performing in a Hollywood international comedy showcase and television special.


The mission of Stand Up Planet is to entertain, to enlighten, and to see people living around the world through a new lens.


The international stand-up comedy scene is exploding – and two interesting places to watch are India and South Africa. In India, English-speaking stand-up comedy is relatively new. Comics are testing how far they can go with their jokes about topics like women’s rights and politics. And in South Africa, against the backdrop of apartheid’s legacy of discrimination and violence, comedy about race and sex from the first apartheid-free generation is raw and edgy.But India and South Africa are also two places with unique challenges. In India, children are dying from preventable illnesses largely related to access to clean water, sanitation and nutrition. In South Africa, the rate of new HIV infections is still the highest in the world. But in both places, change is happening as the countries work to create a healthier future for current and future generations of young people. In both places, comics are finding new ways to tell these stories.


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Stand Up Planet is funded by a grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and produced by independent broadcaster KCETLink Media in association with Kontent Films.

Executive Producers
Wendy Hanamura
Caty Borum Chattoo
Paul S. Mason
Craig Minassian
David Munro
Xandra Castleton
Mark Decena
Teri Heyman

Co-Executive Producer
Ashley R. Scales

Concept Created By
David Munro
Xandra Castleton

David Munro

Director of Photography & Co-Director
Daniel Marracino

Chris Perkel

David Munro
Xandra Castleton
Mark Decena
Chris Perkel

Transmedia Executive Producers
Wendy Hanamura
Caty Borum Chattoo

Digital Team
Caty Borum Chattoo & Gary Dauphin, Editorial Directors, Standupplanet.org
Katie Mitchell & Wendy Sekimura, Managers, Standupplanet.org
Jenny Rabago, Researcher
Hiawatha Bradley, Creative Director
Henry Cram, Web Designer
Alex Savakis, Web Designer
Melissa DeMund, Web Developer
Drew Mackie, Writer
Matt Louv, Production Assistant
Brian Eggert, Social Media
Nico Schafgans, Video Editor
Herb Ferrette, Video Editor
Blake Everhart, Video Editor

Roseanne Barr
Judah Friedlander
Danny Glover
Norman Lear