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Stand Up Planet Featured on Fast Company!

We were featured on Fast Company’s Co.Exist page last week!

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Read below for an excerpt from the article, where they quote our very own Xandra Castleton, one of the show’s EPs and creators.

Finding humor in places where average annual income is the weekly wage in the U.S. was not a given. Castleton says she wasn’t sure the show would be possible. “We wondered if there was even going to be comedy in these places where people really feel adversity,” says Castleton. Yet the opposite was true. She found humor was the outlet and relief from daily struggles everywhere, a universal language that may translate around the world. “When you laugh you care, and ultimately the world’s problems are our problems,” says Castleton. “We want people to connect and care enough to take some actions, too, not just in a passive way.”

But first she needs an audience. For every person who watches a documentary on global development, thousands of others tune out that message. Stand Up Planet is betting comedy will engage those who would otherwise ignore the subject. The show won’t shy away from revealing the personal lives of the comics it profiles and tackle tough subjects not normally broached by Americans. Will jokes in Mumbai fall flat in front of a global TV audience? Stand Up Planet is about to find out.

Stick around and we’ll show you what we’ve found! Read the full article (and watch comedy clips from our favorite South African comics) here.

Thanks for having us, Fast Company!

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