Take A Stand

Why Take a Stand?

In the year 2000, the United Nations (the world’s leaders) created a global pact to end the worst human suffering and poverty on Earth by the year 2015 – to create a poverty-free global generation. The pact is called the Millennium Development Goals, and we have one year to go.

The good news? Incredible progress has been made. The bad news? There’s so much more to do. And whether you live in Mumbai or Johannesburg or Los Angeles, our lives are more intertwined than ever.

Stand Up Planet calls on all of us to stand up – to watch, learn and take action to end global poverty.

Why India and South Africa?

India and South Africa are two places with unique challenges – and key places where we have power to create immediate change. In India, children are dying from preventable illnesses because they don’t have access to life-saving vaccines, clean water, sanitation and nutrition. In South Africa, the number of HIV infections is still the highest in the world, but rapidly dropping thanks to organizations, individuals and governments working together.

In both places, positive change is happening – and you can play a part. Your voice and your support can connect directly to provide more vaccines for children, access to clean water and sanitation, and HIV prevention and medication.

What You Can Do NOW – 3 Ways to Take Action on Global Poverty


Follow the jokes into the deeper issues about safe water and sanitation in India, and HIV South Africa. Learn the facts with our SUP infographics. Share.


…to tell Congress you support U.S. foreign aid to end global poverty. Did you know that the United States spends less than 1 percent of its annual budget to end global poverty? U.S. support is working, and it’s crucial. By signing this pledge, you’re inviting us to stay touch and let you know the important moments to tell Congress what you think. (Oxfam America)



…to the organizations working on the ground every day in India and South Africa to change lives, one by one. You can learn about them in “Heroes” and you can see their work in Stand Up Planet.